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I wrote this article about attitudes to the homeless in the week that a commuter at a London train station was barred from buying food for a homeless man. It really did make me despair. It was lovely to be asked to write it for the the Guardian (July, 2017) while I was getting the material ready Four Feet Under. My time – sitting on pavements and in cafes with all the amazing people I met also gave me insights and first hand experience (sometimes pretty horrible) of the prejudice and bigotry that the homeless endure.

Guardian-article,-Jan-2018 - no borderI wrote another piece, also for the Guardian (Jan, 2018) in response to Gloucester Council’s decision to put out huge posters which essentially told peopleĀ not to give money to help homeless people.


Boundless-Article no borderThe literary magazine, Boundless asked me to write an essay about ‘Home’ and what it now meant to me after losing mine in earthquakes here in Italy in 2016



Penguin logo no borderI wrote this piece about some of my feelings in relation to homelessness after having written FOUR FEET UNDER. I grew up surrounded by books and so many of them had the little penguin sitting there, on the spine, so when Penguin asked me to do this for their 2018 catalogue I was seriously chuffed – I suddenly felt like was seven years old again!



About Tamsen Courtenay

I write. I take photographs. I worry and I laugh - both of them rather a lot. Inner stories, secret stories, are what fascinate me. My book, FOUR FEET UNDER, chronicling the lives of 30 homeless people in London, is now published, and it's had really terrific reviews. It was supposed to help change how people think about the huddled, damaged souls living on the streets and it seems to be doing its job. So, I am content.

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